Intelligent Technology for Atmospheric Knowledge Oracle

tako (Japanese: イタコ), also known as ichiko (市子) or ogamisama (オガミサマ), are blind women who train to become spiritual mediums in Japan. Training involves severe ascetic practices, after which the woman is said to be able to communicate with Japanese Shinto spirits, kami, and the spirits of the dead. Itako perform rituals tied to communication with the dead and divination. The practice has been on the decline, with only 20 living itako in Japan, all more than 40 years old.

  • Prototype:
    • Run Google GraphCast 4x day with transfer learning from one eKADO data station.
  • Phase I
    • Train a variant of GoogleCast using NASA data.
  • Phase II
    • Longer term forecasting.
  • Runs KAMI, your local weather fae
    • Takes iTAKO predictions and generates FÆ 4x day


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