Complex Systems Engineer

Syzygyx, Incorporated, Littleton, CO 2013-

Software Engineer Senior

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Space Systems Company (SSC), Littleton, CO June 2009-2013

Orion and Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-R)

System Admin:

Using Puppet and Fabric, manage 45 servers that utilize RHEL5, RHEL6, and the RedHawk operating systems. Worked a proposal to rid the program of a proprietary IBM Rational Synergy / Change configuration and ultimately setup and now manage an open-source based tightly integrated Jenkins, Redmine, and Mercurial CM / CI system. Created numerous Mercurial hooks in order to validate commit logic, trigger Jenkins builds, and have Redmine scour changesets. Deploy VMs with WinXP guest OS to support vendor / heritage applications as a cost reduction solution. Manage a suite of open-source software, including Python 2.6.5, by creating relocatable RPMs. Created custom Busybox based initrd image that is PXE booted by the PXI I/O controllers.

Device Drivers:

In C++, developed Multi-Function Bus (MFB) and Fine Sun Sensor Emulator (FiSSE) user-space device drivers. Also in C++, developed wrappers for Analog, Discrete, MFB, and FiSSE drivers that were then run through Py++ to generate Python bindings. Wrote pure python drivers for commanding test equipment via LXI, power strips via SNMP, and communicating with a RAD750 over a serial port. HTML / PDF documentation is generated by Sphinx. All of this ultimately resulted in a Special Test Equipment (STE) python package, which is available in a source, binary, and RPM distribution formats. Provided this package to other programs within Lockheed in order to save cost for driver development effort.

Test Software:

Leveraged open-source software by utilizing the python unittest framework and the py.test runner as a basis for developing C&DH test scripts. Wrote functional scripts for the Redundancy Management Card (RMC) and Relay Driver Card (RDC) components of the CTP chassis. These scripts required multi-threaded operation and had tight timing requirements. Also wrote verification scripts for EMC FSW start-up code, requiring the creation of a EEPROM access class to support corrupting images.

Software Engineer Senior

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Maritime Systems & Sensors (MS2), Eagan, MN  2007-2009

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Integrated Core Processor

Flight Software:

Developed SEAL-1 certified Local Bus Controller (LBC) kernel and user-space register access functions under the INTEGRITY-178B OS on MPC8548 processors. Customized an Integrity 5.0.10 Board Support Package (BSP) for a PPC440 processor. Worked at all levels of software – from assembly level interrupt handler routines, to setting bits in a register to configure devices, to high level applications. Unit tested all deliverable software with Cantata.

Test Software

Developed software to test 16 Image Processor (IP) FPGAs via 8 processors (1 VxWorks, 7 Mercury) simultaneously and in varying configurations, allowing for the IP modules to be incorporated into Safety of Flight Testing for the first time. Inherited BIT software for the LBC and expanded it to also include tests for Parity Errors and FIFO functionality.

Utility Tools

Saved over $100k/yr by creating a Python application that allows LM Aero to burn target Flash without requiring AdaMULTI development licenses. Created JTAG DataBlaster scripts to manipulate Flash (burn and read-back) via boundary-scan. Streamlined the build & burn process using a combination of custom programs and DOS batch files to eliminate manual error-prone steps.

Integration & Test Engineer

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Space Systems Company & IS&S, Denver, CO  2004- 2007

Targets and Countermeasures & Aerial Common Sensor


Analyzed available equipment against cabling restrictions, accessibility, and reconfiguration issues to determine layout. Planned a phased testing approach based upon the equipment schedules. Served as I&T liaison to both the Communications and Navigation & Timing IPTs. Organized system test beds and researched 1553 interfaces and their applicability to supporting testing scenarios.


Developed lab asset tracking / scheduling tool built upon a MySQL database utilizing a PHP web interface to provide user friendly access and quick metrics generation. Utilized XML theory to generate a test scripting language. Evaluated tradeoffs between DTD and Schema validation methods in an effort to satisfy both the test and software group’s requirements.


Authored a Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) requirements and design document that would provide an adequate environment for the integration and testing of the Flexible Target Family. Composed an Integrated Test Plan to describe the programmatic overview of the test philosophy. Generated multiple Detailed Test Plans for functional subsystem testing.

Significant Accomplishments

  • SSC representative for Corporate Linux Trade Study
  • SixSigma Greenbelt Trained
  • Recipient of multiple Lockheed Martin SPOT
  • Dean’s List at University of Rochester for six Awards semesters.


Investigate new technologies including web frameworks such as Flask or Pyramid, by converting an old website written on a LAMP stack to now run on a Linode instance and be easily deployable with a Fabric script. Looking at new languages, such as Go. Staying current with what the community is up to by reading blogs, talking in IRC channels, working with bitbucket / github repositories, and best of all, PyCon!


M.S., B.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY – May 2004

Communications Concentration, GPA: 3.9 Computer Knowledge: Linux (Arch, Debian, RedHat, RedHawk, Ubuntu) • C • C++ • Python • PHP • XHTML • CSS • MySQL • Apache • DOORS • Green Hills AdaMULTI • Cantata • VxWorks • MS Office Suite • LibreOffice Suite