The MPCV project is establishing two software-only simulation environments, Software-Only Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Risk Reduction Analysis and Test Engineering Simulator (SOCRRATES) and Partition Level Application Test for Orion (PLATO). SOCRRATES is being developed by Lockheed Martin and being delivered to the Kedalion Laboratory at Johnson Space Center (JSC). PLATO is developed by engineers within the Kedalion laboratory. Both environments will enable the user to execute/test the FSW. SOCRRATES has two configurations, SOCRRATES-Lite and SOCRRATES-Heavy. SOCRRATES-Lite is a Linux based simulator and requires modification to the FSW before executing. SOCRRATES-Heavy is a Simics based software-only simulator that requires no modification to the FSW. The MPCV FSW (binary executables) will run in a Simics environment with external interfaces simulated using math models that are running in the Trick software environment. The CoreSim interface is Simics interface to the various MPCV flight partitions. The UI and Test Control environment will be the end-user’s interface to run test scripts and capture test results. [courtesy NASA IVV]

Syzygyx provided the lead engineer for SOCRRATES.