Helyx R/C Blimp


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Product Description

5M RC Eblimp Ref. Info
Dimension Length Diameter Volume Pocket material
5m 1.8m 7.6 m3  2 layers:

Water proof tarp & TPU

 Blimp Pocket  TPU
Weight balloon weight(including front / rear mooring rope) Cabin(including battery) Tail Takeoff weight Payload
 1650g 3000~3250g 1150g   8500g 1200g
Performance Speed Endurance The best visual flight altitude Minimum turning radius Resistance of wind
0~35km/h 1.5h 5~20m 0~2m Below 3 grade


 Standard settings
Devices Model Number
Remote—control 6CH PCM  1024 1
Steering gear Micro-steering gear 1
Standard steering gear 4
Powered motor 05 level Brushless Motor 2
Steering motor RS-540S 1
Airscrew 8X5 nylon screw 2
7X4 nylon screw 1
Tail Light wood frame cover 1
Electronic governor 7.2V~12V  Continuous operating current>80A 1
Batteries(Not included) 11.1V—2000MAH Lithium polymer 2 groups
Cabin room fiberglass in overall shape 1
Chargers DC-12V Digital Smart Quick Charger 1