Hexamite HX19R12-A


Product Description

All hx19 receivers are shipped with a pigtail ribbon cable lead, it is easy enough to connect supply power to the leads (see below), in this case the front lid never needs to be open. Easy startup is to go and get a Br2032 or Cr2032 lithium coin type battery from your nearest hardware shop and plug it into the holder as shown on the left. The blue LED will flash ones when the device has sufficient power. Receivers are not shipped in battery mode so the receiver will demand more current than necessary or 25mA, this will drain a standard lithium battery down in a few hours. To extend the battery life use hx19access to place the receiver in battery savings mode (see manual). Please note that when in battery mode the device needs to be driven by the sync option in the hx19access program. MicroMatch plug is shown on the right, and the image on the left shows the microMatch plugged into the hx19r receiver. As a rule of thumb the conductor closest to the edge of the microMatch plug is always ground or negative reference. Wrong polarization is not harmful to the device, when power is correctly applied the blue LED flashes ones.

Pin Configuration

6. Ground (Neg. Reference) (brown)

5. Default Parameters (Red) (see manual)

4. Power Input 3-4.5 Vdc (Orange)

3. Serial out Com pin (see manual)

2. Do not connect (reserved)

1. Do not connect or use

The microMatch plug can only go in one way. To remove the battery lid, press on the bottom of the lid by the cable opening as shown on the left, and try to apply 45 degree force upward. In case the lid is being closed use the same method but apply the 45 degree force downward. Parts numbers are available from www.farnell.com Ribbon cable (example): part no 1207415 MicroMatch plug: part no 149068 www.mouser.com Ribbon cable (example): part no 517-3302/9FT MicroMatch plug: part no 571-215083-6