Hexamite Hx19v3 Evaluation Package I


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Product Description

The system is the absolute minimum to display the 3d coordinates of a single point.

  • Three Receivers (HX19R12-A)

  • One Transmitters (HX19T12-A)

  • One Synchronizer (HX19MS-A)

  • Utility HX19 software

  • ABS 3d printed plastic enclosures

All evaluation systems come with over 40 pages illustrated user manual. Including the hx19access and hx19xyzDDE programs with source code, these programs are written using Visual Basic 6 for windows. REBOL programs that run on many operating systems are also provided with source code. These programs display the 3d Cartesian coordinates on a xy and xz plane; the coordinates are also time-stamped and stored on a file labeled with current date and time. Evaluation packs are shipped with cables for external connection, although both transmitters and receivers come with internal battery holders for 2032 coin batteries commonly available. These batteries will last from a few months to around 8 hrs with devices in battery mode. The receivers are not shipped in battery mode, they need to set by the user if not set they will drain the batteries in 3hrs. After installation of FTDI drivers http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm the computer will read broadcasted data via USB port.